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November 16, 2009

Seeing as I mainly use this to post things such as photos, quotes, images etc. I have decided to go to tumblr…

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Today was an up and down day for me…

November 9, 2009


Sick of Me

November 9, 2009

new love new fun new me, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be
new fear, nothings clear to me
and that’s how it’s always gonna be
i’ve never been real sure of myself
never trusted someone else
something you do puts my fears to rest
we’ll bring it up and never touch the ground
and when you need me i’ll be around
this is how it’s gonna be if you don’t get sick of me
she loved me and i loved her it was all so fun and new
we were going to go all over the world
and do everything there is to do
but something spoiled our plans
we couldn’t meet our own demands
every problem put us to the test
we brought it up but then we let it down
and when she needed me i wasn’t around
that was how it had to be, then she just got sick of me
relationships deteriorate i’ve seen it from the start
easy as it is to fall in love, it’s easier to fall apart
i won’t let it fall apart
bring it up and never touch the ground
and when you need me i’ll be around
this is how it’s gonna be if you don’t get sick of me
we’ll hold it up and never let it down
and when you need me i’ll be around
this is how it’s gotta be so you don’t get sick me
so you don’t get sick of me
so you don’t get sick of me

Another saturday night

November 7, 2009

Drinking alone.

What have I done?
It’s done

Definition of the word ‘babe’

November 7, 2009

She don’t need me

November 5, 2009

Almost ready, almost there
Or is it already over
She’s a friend in need
She’s a friend in deed
She needs someone to hold her
Alone at night, she plans her game
Correctly thinking that I’m in pain
But every night it’s always the same
She be a-fuckin’ with my brain
‘Cause she don’t need no one
We all want to play your game with you
We know you’re just a starter
But there’s no reason for you to quit
Just ’cause we try harder
I don’t want to talk on the telephone
I don’t want to see no pictures
She’ll find out just what she needs
And when she does I’ll get her
She feels safe when she’s with him
‘Cause he’ll never try anything with her
Well you know now girl, just what you want
Are you going to let it scare you?
I knew it would
She don’t need no one
And she don’t need me

Did you bet today?

November 3, 2009

Today thousands of people spent thousands of dollars betting on horses in the Melbourne cup. Despite the amount of money spent on ridiculous dresses, suits and champagne, no one that I have spoken to today understood the treatment that racehorses endure for your entertainment. Each year hundreds of horses are killed in this industry, these deaths are generally a result of abnormal growth/training, illegal/legal drugs, falls, injuries sustained whilst training and many are sent to be slaughtered due to poor race performance.

Even though Melbourne cup may seem like a good day to enjoy drinks, food and through your money down the drain, remember that by spending your money on betting you are contributing to an evil Industry……

Use of drugs;
“There are trainers pumping horses full of illegal drugs every day. With so much money on the line, people will do anything to make their horses run faster.”

During training;
“Such confinement leads to abnormal behaviour. Wood chewing, box walking (round and round the stall), wind sucking (gripping an object with their teeth and sucking in air) and weaving (swaying the head, neck and forequarters from side to side) are all signs of frustration.”

After racing life;
“The slaughter of tens of thousands of horses a year is an ugly business. It is estimated that approximately 18 000 Australian ex-racehorses are sent to their slaughter each year.”

I have quoted the above from the Internet as an example, for more infomation regarding the Australian horse racing industry, please visit horse racing kills

/end rant.

Just sayin’

November 3, 2009

The riff at the intro to ‘pay to cum’ is easily one of the best of all time

Everything sucks today!

November 2, 2009

Happy Vegan Day

November 1, 2009

Meat’s no treat for those you eat